And the race has finished…

8 years gone, since ive studied in this college…finally ive got my degree. Accept all my parents and my big family wish…yes…in a couple days i will officially got my bachelor degree.

After spent all the time, for pain, a lot of tears, sick and tired, passed some chance, ignored some moment, i would like to dedicated my degree especially for my parents. People who trusted every dream will true as long as we tried, we prayed and we do the best…eventhough sometimes it needed patient, understand, and good willing.

Till today, sometimes i dont believe i can finish my study and got my degree. When im alone, and talk with the silent…i remembered ive ever give up having a dream for get my bachelor degree. I never dreamed someday i will use toga in my head, and got certificate,,….so i can put my name as Dewi Adyanti Satriyani, S.sos

But now…God make it real,…by my parents hand,…and everyone who i cant wrote one by one….i know impossible is nothing. God always give us a chance, even sometimes we didnt use it properly.

The last word i can say just…Alhamdullilah….for having all this gift…for having the people who helped me until ive got my degree…for the people who helped to make my dreams come true….

Yes….i dedicated for you allinvitation

And so you touch this limit, something happens and you suddenly can go a little bit further. With your mind power, your determination, your instinct, and the experience as well, you can fly very high. ( Ayrton Senna )


Behind “September” Song

Our hearts were ringing In the key that Our hearts were ringing In the key that our souls were singing.

As we danced in the night, Remember how the stars stole the night awayour souls were singing.

( September * Earth,Wind & Fire )

Every song ive listen almost have a story behind, sometimes left a good memories but sometimes it also left a bad story. One of the greatest song ive listen is September. Originally sing by Earth,Wind and Fire consist of Maurice White, Charles Stepney and Verdine White honestly has a greatest memories in my life. Maybe its not important to share someone who involved in my memory in the time i listen this song…but September just left a story… sometimes i called it Love,…but in the other hand i feel tears indeed.

Today, im trying to listen September in the other way. As last night, i listened September in DJ’s turntable and this song get so groovy to listen everyone in Hu U Bar looks enjoyed the rhytim, then i downloaded…yes…absoulutely awesome, ear catching then it makes my weekend so completely happy…

just turn sad song into the grooviest one…and the DJ off course possible to swept your tears….




Miyabi : Spekulasi & Penetrasi

MIYABI. Perempuan asal Jepang ini tiba-tiba menjadi buah bibir banyak kalangan, mengaburkan sejenak kabar berita duka pasca gempa serta kasus politik sekelas Antasari.

Kontroversi kedatangan Miyabi yang cupu ini membuat saya tersenyum saat membaca beberapa berita seputar reaksi kedatangan menyambut sang ratu film biru, Maria Osawa. Berlebihan dan ironis tepatnya, masyarakat Indonesia ternyata sulit berbesar hati, menerima orang lain sebagai sama derajatnya sebagai manusia, bukan apa yang dia kerjakan.

Bisa dipastikan, Miyabi menjadi fenomena baru pasca heboh seputar haramisasi Facebook beberapa waktu lalu. Terbukti, saat berita Facebook bakal diharamkan, orang2 justru berbondong2 bermain Facebook, tak terhitung dari anak kecil hingga orang dewasa membuat account Facebook. Kejadian bakal berulang dengan kontroversi Miyabi, hampir bisa dipastikan orang2 yang penasaran kemudian mencari tahu siapa Miyabi, tapi bisa jadi akhirnya justru menikmati.

Negara ini memang kadang lucu, suka panik dengan hal-hal yang sebenarnya tidak fundamental. Saya tidak menemukan kedatangan Miyabi bisa merusak moral bangsa, jauh sebelum Miyabi berencana datang ke Indonesiapun, jutaan video porno, bisnis prostitusi, dan lalu lintas bisnis selangkangan sudah terlalu banyak terjadi di Indonesia. Miyabi sejatinya adalah pribadi yang kemudian memilih profesi sebagai bintang film biru. Porno atau tidaknya itu tergantung dari mindset kita masing masing.

Kadang berpikir, boleh juga mata pelajaran atau mata kuliah Pornografi dijadikan salah satu materi pendidikan, supaya orang Indonesia sendiri bisa membuat mind map tentang pornografi dalam istilah Indonesia. Sekarang masih simpang siur pastinya, dan membuat kesimpulan yang spekulatif.

Mungkin sebaiknya orang2 Indonesia tidak melulu ngeres pikirannya, kalau kita beragama saya yakin, agama tidak mengajarkan kita membenci umat manusia karena sejatinya kita sama di mata Tuhan, dan penghakiman sejati hanyalah saat di akherat.

The meaning of STING

Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner a.k.a STING has much influence in my life. I love the way he played music, and i love the way he face his life.

In his 58, Sting still looks younger than his age, when he played his guitar i just feel his soul inside. My favorite Sting’s Song is Roxanne and the other, Every Breath You Take, absoloutely!

Thinking about Sting just remind me with my old bestfriend who loved Sting much. I dont know where is he now….until i found a news about his dead due to heart attack. Im sad…but i dont know what should i do, except send him pray…

i wish youre happy in heaven, a place you are supposed to be:)

Would You

would you listen to every word i say?
i dont ask you to believe, just look into my eyes
then i know that you do care.

would you like to stay with me,
just for more couple hours,
so i could memorize how you talk to me,
how you think that everything is so meaningful.

would you like to accept me
in all my condition.
when i’m weak or when i’m too strong?
it’s not a wedding vow,
it’s just a promise to keep.
simple..because i have my fate on you

would you like to sit with me,
in the corner of nowhere,
where misery and joy have no boundaries,
and tears are the final solution.
would you hold my hand at that moment,
convince me that i’ll always have someone by my side?
that my eyes will always dry?

would you disappointed me
in the middle of laughter?
when i have my greatest happiness,
and there, you are getting blurry?
would you take my smile away
and run where i could get it back?

would you still be the same when i finally found you
would you still have my smile in your pocket,
and give it back to me?
would you be the one that keeps me wandering?
would you disappointed me
and back to me?

Clapton The Autobiography : Family Man Rockstar

Eric Clapton…some people known by his song “Tears in Heaven”. But in fact, Clapton more than a singer,musician, rockstar or celebrity…but deep inside…he’s a man who struggle for being a good dad. I’ve wrote this book 2 days ago at Borders. Found that on a MUSIC section around other musician book like Elvis Presley, Beatles, Faith Evans, U2 etc. Covering with black & red colour, i can wondering, what the books will tell.

In a first chapter, Clapton talk about his personal life…how’s his relationship with his mum and a lot of denial between both. Clapton’s mum, ignored him when he was 5 years old. On a day,…he asked a woman who came to his home…and he said…”Can i call you mum?”, but his mom…tell him to call his grandmother as a mum, cause she take care him when his mom didn’t life around him since divorced from his daddy. This moment put some trauma for him, until someday he met his friend who teach him about sex.

Forget about this chapter, i think it will more interesting when you read it. From all the chapter in this book, just one chapter that make me so excited…and the caption tittle is CONOR. Who’s Conor, Conor is his daughter who passed away and someone behind his song Tears In Heaven. Conor’s dead was a big learned for him, after the dark moment when he’s got an alcoholic and LDR user, during his life as a rockstar and adopt the rockstar’s lifestyle…he knows…God give him sign…to back on track….

Over all,…this book has a beautiful story…about love, family and put our carrier on a right side, so our carrier actually isn’t GOD of our lives…the real love is our family..home that we can always feel secure…:)clapton

1 day before my birthday

Ini hari yang sangat melelahkan untukku,…seharusnya hari ini aku bersiap untuk ulang tahunku yang ke 26…

tapi yang ada hari ini aku bergulat dengan linangan air mata. Haru, kecewa, sedih, marah dan sederet umpatan sepertinya menyempurnakan hari ini…

1 hari sebelum ulang tahunku :

1. mendengar tangisan ibuku yang mengharukan…dan tak sabar ingin memeluknya esok hari.

2.mendengar caci maki dan candaan kasar dari seseorang yang sangat aku banggakan dan aku hormati selama ini…..

kenyataan pahit….kontradiktif…..tapi yang dibutuhkan cuma kebesaran hati untuk mengatakan MAAF….

kata yang gampang diucapkan…tapi sulit diterima….